Facebook Anti-Spam-Policy is a joke.

Dear Facebook team: your system got hacked. Not only a serious newspaper like the Guardian is reporting on it, your own newsroom does the same:

I only quoted the Guardian article, and now you think that my posting is SPAM? Really? Are you serious or on on drugs?

If you seriously believe that this behavior is correct and is helping building trust in your company, you are most likely on the wrong path.

That’s why I’m posting this article outside of your wonderful, shiny, nipplefree, fair platform. Guys, first do your homework and investigate on your security breach with every single resource you have, before continuing to behave like silly munchkins.


Facebook reviewed my complain, and are apologizing. Apologies accepted, but I believe it should never have escalated so far.

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  1. Veröffentlich von Matthias Wilke am 29. September 2018 um 8:46

    Ist doch cool: wenn mir eine Meinung nicht passt, verbiete oder lösche ich sie einfach. Schließlich gehört mir der Laden… 😂

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